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VPSAVice President for Student Affairs (aka Vice President Student Activities)
VPSAVacuum Pressure Swing Adsorption
VPSAVirginia Peninsula Sportsmen Association, Inc. (est. 1940)
VPSAVirginia Public Schools Authority
VPSAVictorian Pharmacy Students Association (Monash University; Victoria, Australia)
VPSAVainshtein-Presnyakov-Sobelman Approximation
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As formas selecionadas no corpus sao as previstas pela gramatica, tais como: 'verbo na terceira pessoa do plural (0 + V3PP)', 'verbo na terceira pessoa do singular mais o pronome 'se' (0 + V3PS + SE)', 'verbo no infinitivo pessoal (0 + VINF)' e outras estrategias como 'voce', 'a gente', 'nos', 'eles', 'eu', 'voz passiva sem agente (VPSA)', 'voz passiva sintetica (VPASSINT)', e as 'formas nominais (o cara, o individuo, o sujeito, nego, o pessoal, as pessoas, o povo, o publico, o homem e gente)'.
Linde Engineering's oxygen VPSA system is claimed to enable gold mines to achieve improved gold recoveries, higher plant productivity and throughput, greater energy efficiency, and superior environmental performance.
GO bond payments from participating localities are pledged by the VPSA to the bonds.
According to Praxair, it was the first to develop VPSA technology and VPSA applications for oxygen production.
The company's patented, software-defined Virtual Private Storage Arrays (VPSA) deliver flexible, multi-tenant enterprise SAN and NAS technology for peta- scale primary and secondary storage.
With one's own VPSA, the global marketplace is monitored 24/7/365--whether one is shopping or not, the consumer will be notified when any item of relevance is available.
Once universities were identified and IRB protocol approved, we located the contact information for the Vice President of Student Affairs (or equivalent title; VPSA) from the Website of each selected institution.
The impetus for the change came from the VPSA, formed in 1885 in response to the events of 'Black Wednesday' and the continuing threat of retrenchment.
The VPSA system separates air by using molecular sieves to selectively adsorb nitrogen while letting oxygen pass through.
Major components of a typical VPSA system include a feed air compressor, a vacuum pump, two adsorption vessels, a product compressor and electrical equipment, piping and controls.
Tenders are invited for ss line from vpsa to fcc mab
Securities and Exchange Commission, assigned a 'AAA' rating to the following Prince William County, VA general obligation (GO) bonds issued by the Virginia Public School Authority (VPSA): --$113.8 million special obligation school financing bonds, Prince William County series 2018.