VPSDvia Platforms Solution Division
VPSDvia Platform System Division
VPSDVanderbilt Physician Scientist Development (Vanderbilt School of Medicine; Nashville, TN)
VPSDVia Platforms Systems Division (Via Technologies, Inc.; Taiwan)
VPSDValliant Public School District (Valliant, OK)
VPSDVirginia Production Services Directory (film and video)
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1) Western and arid regions: At Minqin, Zhangye, and Kashi, VPSD presents a large coarse mode that shows dominant mineral dust.
The shapes of VPSD are similar to each other, with volume peak values of fine and coarse modes less than 0.05 and 0.03 [micro][m.sup.3] [micro][m.sup.-2], respectively.
3) Central and eastern regions: VPSD shows significant fine mode at five densely populated sites (Guangzhou, Hefei, Shanghai, Nanjing, and Chengdu), with the maximum volume peak of fine mode up to 0.09 [micro][m.sup.3] [micro][m.sup.-2] (Chengdu).
The multiyear monthly average VPSD is shown in Fig.
VPSD consists of a vacuum pressure soaking and drying procedure.
The TS of VPSD was determined after 10 repeated cycles.
This occurred after soaking in water at 20[degrees]C for JIS-B, soaking in water at 66[degrees]C for APA D- 1, soaking in water at 20[degrees]C for V313, the second steaming step for ASTM six-cycle, and pressure soaking for VPSD. The TS of boards vs.
Because the value of [beta] for V313 and VPSD was greater than other panels, the TS increased gradually up to its maximum value ([alpha]).
VPSD results were from one, three, five, and ten cycles.
VPSD will be tested with passengers in commercial operations, if the system's performance satisfies.