VPSEMVariable Pressure Scanning Electron Microscopy
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Surface analysis on the biofilm production and the effect of microbial corrosion had been perform by VPSEM coupled with EDX spectroscopy.
The morphology of VPSEM image and quantitative EDX analysis of carbon steel immersed in absence and presence of C-SRB are shown in Figures 4 and 5.
Interest in electron-excited x-ray microanalysis is potentially even greater in the variable pressure (VPSEM) and environmental scanning electron microscopes (ESEM) where dynamic chemical experiments can be conducted.
For the VPSEM pressure range (10 Pa and 100 Pa) x-ray absorption by the gas phase is not a significant effect, being only about 6 % for F K x rays, which are strongly absorbed by oxygen.
What is the influence of the skirt on electron imaging and x-ray spectrometry performed in the VPSEM and ESEM?
In the VPSEM, the inelastic scattering of beam and backscattered electrons with gas atoms creates free electrons and positive ions.
Scanning electron micrographs were obtained using a Hitachi S-2460N VPSEM. These micrographs were created under a beam current of 0.5 nA, a 25 mm working distance, a 40 Pa (0.3 torr) helium atmosphere.