VPSGVeterinary Practice Sales Group
VPSGVrouwen Pastoraat Seksualiteit Geweld (Dutch: Women Pastoral Sexual Violence)
VPSGVegan Prisoners Supporters Group
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Strengths of our study include its enrollment of early PD patients with H-Y stage lower than or equal to 2.5, a relatively precise cohort in comparison with prior investigations, comprehensive measures of objective sleep disturbances, and concurrent identification of OSA using vPSG and AASM scoring manual.
All patients provided written informed consent to participate in this study and signed additional consent forms agreeing to the use of their vPSG for scientific purposes.
All patients underwent a night of standard vPSG (Compumedics-E series, Australia) monitoring in the sleep center.
The vPSG was performed in each patient using a standard system (E-Series, Compumedics Limited, Abbotsford, Australia) with video monitoring of patient behavior, diagnostic PSG recordings, and measurements, including four channels of the scalp EEG (C3/A2, C4/A1, O1/A2, and O2/A1), two electrooculograms, arterial O[sub]2 saturation (SaO[sub]2) recording taken by oximetry sensor, amplification of snoring sounds using a microphone, chest/abdominal respiratory effort, and anterior tibialis EMGs for leg movements.