VPSTValuing People Support Team (learning disability support group; UK)
VPSTVeterans Park Swim Team
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The search for a suitable joint solution for better controlling unplanned loop flows between PSE and 50Hertz were initiated in mid-2012, leading to a pilot agreement on a virtual Phase Shifting Transformer (vPST Pilot) on the German-Polish border based on redispatching measures.
The virulence transcriptional activator AphA enhances biofilm formation by Vibrio cholerae by activating expression of the biofilm regulator VpsT. Infection and Immunity 78, 697-703.
Protein Binding affinity (kcal/mol) AphA -6.1 TcpA 5.9 VpsT -6.5 AphB -8.0 LuxO 6.7 VpsR -6.7