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VPTVEN (Variable Exhaust Nozzle) Position Transmitter
VPTVideo Programming by Teletext
VPTVirtual Print Technology
VPTVirtual Path Terminator
VPTVertical Point of Intersection
VPTVertical Point of Tangency
VPTVillage Public Telephone
VPTVirtual Personal Trainer
VPTVirtual Phones Technology (Sony)
VPTVibratory Perception Threshold (test)
VPTVirtual Procedure Trainer (Aeroism trademark)
VPTVariational Perturbation Theory
VPTVirtual Private Trunking (Ascend)
VPTVicky Power Tools
VPTVariable Power Throughout
VPTViolence Prevention Team
VPTVermont Public Televsion
VPTCollector-Base Punch-Through Voltage (transistors)
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Acquired by HEICO Corporation in 2009, VPT currently operates as part of the HEICO Electronics Technology Group.
"With VPT, the ratio of vertical to horizontal polarization can be changed after the antenna has been installed," RFS says.
The cut-offs for PNS were computed as the VPT [greater than or equal to] 97.5th percentile from age- and gender-adjusted regression models in the nondiabetic controls.
The studies on VPT were conducted in the Department of Physiology with the help of Department of Medicine at Veer Surendra Sai Institute of Medical Sciences and Research, Burla, Sambalpur, Odisha, within the time period of February 2015-November 2015.
However, there was little information about the certain relationship between VPT and diabetic cardiovascular disease in Chinese population [5].
An interesting question is with which of these tasks vPT can be expected to share a common process.
Normally the VPT is below 15 volts, beyond which the diabetic foot is 3 to 7--fold more prone to ulceration than a non-neuropathy/ normal diabetic foot.
This 455 VPT is only available from CZ in .22LR, although any of the company's barrel kits in .17 HMR or .22 WMR will drop right in.
While this is currently conceptual for board assembly, VPT technology has been utilized and proven in the semiconductor packaging market for some time.
Null hypothesis In the population of children aged 4-11 years treated at the paediatric clinic of the UFVJM, there is no difference in mean dental anxiety scores (as measured by the VPT) between children exposed to positive images of dentistry and those exposed to neutral images prior to treatment.
Vibration perception threshold (VPT) was measured with a biothesiometer--Vibrometer-VPT[R] (Diabetic Foot Care, Madras Engineering Service, India) in a standardized fashion by a single observer.
First and foremost, the VPT contains in-field product video and agronomic narrative on each Mycogen Seeds hybrid.