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VPUVector Processing Unit (signal processing)
VPUVoice Processing Unit
VPUVirtual Processing Unit
VPUVisual Processing Unit
VPUVector Permute Unit
VPUVideo Processing Unit
VPUViolence Prevention Unit (various locations)
VPUVulnerable Prisoner Unit (UK)
VPUVice Presidential Unit (World Bank)
VPUVicaría Pastoral Universitaria (Santiago, Chile)
VPUPatrol Squadron Special Unit (US Navy aviation unit designation used from 1982 to present)
VPUVen Power Unit
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A single gene Antp ortholog was isolated in Venerupis pullastra (Vpu Hox7).
La figura 2 muestra la variacion de la VPU durante los 28 primeros dias despues del fraguado.
Otra caracteristica notable de la propagacion de los recombinantes BF del VIH en Argentina es su alta tasa de cambios evolutivos: la tasa de sustituciones nucleotidicas en el gen vpu de los recombinantes BF del tipo CRF fue de 10,793 x [10.sup.-3] por sitio por ano, una de las mayores estimadas para el VIH-1 hasta la fecha.
``We have got to afford those men protection, but issues with drugs have risen when the VPU was previously drug-free.
'We do not believe that remanded young prisoners should ever be held in VPUs.
They then added the chemical ingredients necessary for gene expression to the potential gene, vpu, and found it does produce a protein.
The Exynos 9 8895's biggest differentiator is the inclusion of a dedicated vision processing unit, or VPU, and a gigabit LTE modem.
The researchers discovered that the viral protein vpu, which is created by HIV during infection, directly interferes with the immune response protein IRF3 to dampen the ability of the immune system to protect against virus infection.
2-7 about Master Minded and evens for VPU - better they race each other and we get a proper contest.
2)Around 5.20pm on Wednesday July 27, a couple drove a blue Ford Transit van with the registration number X46 VPU on to the forecourt of Bournmoor Service Station.
--High reliability through PCI Express-based Gigabit Ethernet, VPU recover, TPM 1.1 and 1.2 authentication, and support for AMD virus protection