VPUSVision Problems in the United States (Chicago, IL)
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Increasing deployment of VPUs in smartphones, VR products, drones, etc., is driving the VPU market for consumer electronics.
Intel Movidius VPUs enable power-efficient hardware acceleration for Deep Neural Networks.
The chip in question is the Myriad 2, which Movidius describes as a "visual processing unit" or VPU. (That's as opposed to a graphics processing unit, GPU; or central processing unit, CPU.) The Myriad 2 is a processor tailor-made to handle machine vision tasks like object recognition, and Movidius claims it's the "industry's first always-on vision processor." It's previously shown up in Google's Project Tango devices as well as DJI's autonomous drones, and helps to make their on-board vision processing more efficient.
Summary: New Delhi [India], August 29 (ANI): Intel on Tuesday introduced the new Movidius Myriad X vision processing unit (VPU), aiming to advance its end-to-end portfolio of artificial intelligence (AI) solutions to deliver more autonomous capabilities across a wide range of product categories including drones, robotics, smart cameras and virtual reality.
"Wildcat Realizm technology will significantly advance the flexibility and complexity of graphics VPUs, to enable higher quality images and interactivity," said Woll Newall, product manager at LightWork Design.
'Staff on the VPU alerted inspectors to a situation where they believed that a young prisoner was being groomed by an adult prisoner on the wing,' said the report.
The Wildcat VPUs are the industry's first graphics processors that are programmable from high-order surfaces through to anti-aliased framebuffer pixels -- with highly efficient SIMD scalar processor arrays replacing hardwired logic and inflexible register-combiners at critical sections in a highly optimized graphics pipeline.
Electronic Blood, VPUs, rollable displays, 3D chips, are all examples of innovation that are going to happen sometime in the future.
Also, heralding a new era of cinematic-quality 3D graphics for Mac OS X, the RADEON 9800 PRO visual processing unit (VPU) will be available as a build-to-order option on the Power Mac G5, while the RADEON 9600 PRO will be included in Apple's highest-end Power Mac G5 desktop.
"Professional graphics performance is enhanced by balanced pipeline design, and PCI Express is enabling us to design VPUs that complement the enhanced system capabilities to raise the bar for workstation productivity," said Neil Trevett, senior vice president of market development for 3Dlabs.
To simplify deployment everywhere, Intel also delivers common, intelligent APIs that extend across Intels distributed portfolio of processors from edge to cloud, as well as embedded technologies such as Intel RealSense cameras and Movidius vision processing units (VPUs).
India, April 19 -- Machine learning is the brain, VPUs (Vision Processing Units) are the eyes, what more does a machine need to be human?