VPVVirtual Processor Vector
VPVVariable Position Visor (product feature)
VPVVirtual Page View
VPVVirtual Prime Vendor
VPVVacances Provencales Vacations (French: European Home Rentals; Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
VPVVisually Perceived Vertical
VPVVacant Property Value (real estate)
VPVVisitors Per Vehicle (tourism)
VPVVariable Pressure Valve
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Ampsbatt = ((Voltage3 - ACSoffset)/mVperAmp); p1 = vpv * Ampspv;
The parameters VPV and IPV measured from the output of PV array are utilized to generate control signal ([V.sub.ref]) for the PWM generator.
With more than 1,200 employees throughout Germany, VPV Versicherungen sought to overhaul its main website's content, graphics and technology, and include in the new site personalized pages for its online brokers.
German bank Commerzbank (ETR:CBK) said it has wrapped up the sale of its Dutch asset management subsidiary Dresdner VPV.
The thieves drove off in the Golf, registration DN05 VPV, and the Subaru they arrived in, but left the Freelander where it was.
3 Total: 16 Mimic Tia, Ria, Tiv, Viv, Toa, Roa, 41 Tov, Vov, Tfa, Rfa, Tfb, Rfb, Tfc, Rfc, Tfd, Rfd, Tva, Rva, Tpa, Rpa, Tpb, Rpb, Tpv, Vpv, Tba, Rba, Tbv, Vbv, Tra, Rra, Twa, Rwa, Twb, Rwb, Twh, Vwh, Qhtst, Qregen, Sfp, Swp, Swh Total No.
VPV 45, 63, and 80 cc variable vane pumps are available in close-coupled arrangement to a 50 hp motor.
This Vested Present Value (VPV) approach is a variation of the method applied for stock appreciation rights outlined in FASB Interpretation No.
Guess the position of the flow front of the ith time step by the formula of [dt.sup.*](Vpv + Vft)/2, where Vpv and Vft represent the velocity along the flow front in the previous and current time steps, respectively.
An additional 16.5 percent was acquired for $1 million by VPV Properties LLC, also led by Kelley.