VPVVariable Position Visor (product feature)
VPVVirtual Prime Vendor
VPVVacances Provencales Vacations (French: European Home Rentals; Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
VPVVisually Perceived Vertical
VPVVisitors Per Vehicle (tourism)
VPVVariable Pressure Valve
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The parameters VPV and IPV measured from the output of PV array are utilized to generate control signal ([V.
With more than 1,200 employees throughout Germany, VPV Versicherungen sought to overhaul its main website's content, graphics and technology, and include in the new site personalized pages for its online brokers.
The FirstSpirit CMS allows VPV brokers to access a separate editorial area where they can find templates for creating personalized pages.
FirstSpirit is incredibly user-friendly and helps the VPV brokers to concentrate on the essentials - their daily work with customers,” said Jorn Bodemann, CEO of e-Spirit.
To illustrate the VPV method, consider a company which grants options to purchase 1000 shares of common stock at an option price of $20 on January 1, 1995 when the market price is also $20.
Figure 2 illustrates the amount of compensation expense to be recorded under the VPV approach, assuming that all of the options vest on December 31, 1998.
Figure 3 illustrates the effect that changing the discount rate assumption up and down by 50% has on the outcome of the VPV method.
Each fund previously was a Massachusetts business trust, or Pennsylvania trust, in the case of VPV.
Invesco Pennsylvania Value Municipal Income Trust VPV USD0.