VPWVariable Packet Writing
VPWVariable Pulse Width
VPWAir Early Warning Squadron (Navy unit designation used from in 1948)
VPWWeather Reconnaissance Squadron (US Navy aviation unit designation used from 1945 to 1948)
VPWVirtual Project Workspace
VPWVirtual Private Wire
VPWVirtual Power Weighted
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On the other hand, VPW results in higher impedance at the expense of complicated simulation and fabrication process.
Plett, "A CMOS low-noise amplifier with VPW matching elements for 60-GHz-band Gbit/s wireless systems," IEEE APMC'09, 473-476, 2009.
The motto of VPW is "Walk the walk for those who can't," with its mission being to help those who are immobilized by disability or age to actively engage in a virtual manner.
VPW has more than 200 participating volunteer photographers in 14-18 countries, including the U.S., France, Italy, Turkey, China, Sirigapore and Australia.
The number of correlation function peaks in the output of this device corresponds to the VPW amplitude.
Established that same month at Camp Kearney, Weather Reconnaissance Squadron (VPW) 1 became one of the first Navy patrol squadrons purpose-built for weather reconnaissance.
VPW asks only that teachers complete and return a postage-paid evaluation form after their students have viewed the videos.
Teachers may review all the titles now being offered and order online by visiting the VPW Web site at www.vpw.com.
A new VPW video, Be Sensible: Don't Drive Yourseff to Distraction from Cingular Wireless, is appropriate for high school students in health, safety and driver's education classes.
Video Placement Worldwide (VPW) is offering three new videos sponsored by education programs.