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VPXVideo Post Sequence
VPXVideo Pixel Decoder
VPXVictorian Power Exchange (est. 1995; Victoria, Australia)
VPXViral Protein X (immunodeficiency)
VPXVirtual Path Cross-Connect
VPXVector Product Exchange
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Augsburg, Germany - Leveraging years of rugged computer design and thermal expertise, Kontron, a leading global provider of IoT/Embedded Computing Technology (ECT), has started delivering the most powerful version of its popular 6U VPX single board computer yet.
The Model 54851 takes advantage of these VPX I/O options for RF and optical interconnects through the VPX backplane:
The good news is that with VPX or XMC (part of VITA specification), the processor boards can be upgraded with faster processors from Intel or FPGA from Xilinx without changing the whole system.
The VPX architecture for embedded boards--initially driven by telecommunication and networking applications--allows COTS solutions to expand features in a single-board architecture, and thus enables more processing performance in smaller design footprints.
ChyronHego will introduce its all-new Virtual Production Server (VPX) -- a ground-based virtual server platform that can host end-to-end live production workflows.
Housed in a rugged, 5-slot enclosure, the system includes a GE 3U VPX single board computer featuring an Intel[R] Core i7 processor and a rugged graphics board that takes advantage of the performance of an NVIDIA 384-core Kepler' GPU.
GE (NYSE:GE) announced on Monday that its Intelligent Platforms business has received a USD2.6m order from BAE Systems Platforms and Services for a quantity of its latest generation 3U VPX COTS Rugged Systems that deliver an advanced HPEC (High Performance Embedded Computing) capability.
"When teamed with a PCI Express interface, the Spartan-6 FPGA is capable of meeting the performance requirements of many applications." Acromag's VPX boards are optimized to rapidly transfer data between the FPGA and other system boards.
VPX Meltdown is backed by five university studies that prove it burns body fat.
Elma Electronic's handles and panels for VPX systems meet VITA 46/48 specifications.
<p>Arista's CEO is among a slew of ex-Cisco execs off doing their own thing now <p>The switch also integrates Citrix Systems' NetScaler VPX load balancing and application security software to divvy up traffic loads across servers within a rack.
Citrix Systems has announced the availability of the NetScaler VPX virtual appliance and unveiled the Citrix Ready Open Networking Program to support it.