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VPGVisual Program Generator
VPGVirtual Picture Gallery
VPGVirtual Proving Ground
VPGVital Petfood Group (Denmark)
VPGVideo Pattern Generator
VPGCenter for Virtual Proving Ground Simulation (NSF)
VPGVirtual Path Group
VPGVieux Pistons Guémenéens (French vintage vehicle club)
VPGVerification Pulse Generator
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KeyBanc Capital Markets and Hunton Andrews Kurth LLP advised VPG.
A conserved interaction between a C-terminal motif in Norovirus VPg and the HEAT-1 domain of eIF4G is essential for translation initiation.
Multiple studies have shown that the P1 protein of potato leaf roll virus plays a critical role in the replication cycle by promoting maturation of the genome-linked virion protein, VPg (Prufer et al.
"At the VPG meeting in October, the lead professional was tasked with undertaking a 'mapping' exercise to identify the child or young person's primary peer group, any links to other VEMT children and young people, identified links to perpetrators and locations that are, or may be, of concern.
The WT15 indicator features six opto- isolated input and six output ports the most logic ports of any VPG Transducers indicator.
The industry-exclusive design of the Model 303337 incorporates VPG's own proprietary Bulk Metal[R] Z Foil resistive technology, along with a four-terminal Kelvin connection, for ultra-high precision current sensing and temperature stability to 3W.
Hardy, "The genome-linked protein VPg of the Norwalk virus binds eIF3, suggesting its role in translation initiation complex recruitment," The EMBO Journal, vol.
The 10 kb single stranded RNA genome of SCMV encodes a single polypeptide which is cleaved either co- or post translationally into ten mature proteins (P1, HC-Pro, P3, 6K1, CI, 6K2, VPg, NIa-Pro, NIb, and CP) [2, 3].
Esta proteina se encuentra presente en dos formas: como un polipeptido libre o unido covalentemente al extremo 5' de los dos segmentos del ARN genomico (VPg) (Dobos, 1995).
Los viriones de PVY se caracterizan por presentar particulas filamentosas de aproximadamente 730 nm de longitud, con una molecula de ARN de cadena sencilla de 9700-9800 nucleotidos (nt), con poli-A en el extremo 3' y una proteina VPg unida covalentemente al extremo 5' (Karasev y Gray, 2013).
--Modest improvement in the company's timeshare sales revenue driven by improved volume per guest (VPG).