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VQAVehicle Quality Assurance
VQAVoice Quality Assessment
VQAVintners Quality Alliance (Canadian wine makers standards organization)
VQAVictorian Quidditch Association (Victoria, Australia)
VQAVoice Quality Assurance (Ditech Communications)
VQAVolunteer Quality Alert (US IRS)
VQAVeal Quality Assurance
VQAViral Quality Assurance (program)
VQAVIAscan Quality Assessment
VQAVibrating Quartz Accelerometer
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SRI is addressing the data analytics challenge problem area and has demonstrated DARE/X-GANs using VQA and multimodal QA tasks with image and video data sets.
Dependiendo de la cantidad de informacion disponible del video de referencia, los VQA objetivos se estudian a partir de las mediciones de calidad de imagen (IQA), las cuales se clasifican de acuerdo a la informacion de las imagenes que componen dicho video en tres categorias: IQA de referencia completa (FR), IQA de referencia reducida (RR) e IQA sin referencia (NR).
The ground truth data that is used to measure the performance of quality assessment algorithms--which in the domain of VQA takes the form of degraded sequences and Mean Opinion Scores (MOS)--is gathered mostly in laboratory tests on human observers (i.e., naive evaluators are asked to grade various aspects of the presented stimuli).
As a result, full reference VQA metrics often fail to deliver ratings that do correlate with perceptual quality.
However, only British Columbia and Ontario have adopted VQA standards.
Dado que la mayor parte de los libros liturgicos han sido publicados, traducidos y puestos en uso, es necesario mantener constantemente presentes estos principios y profundizarlos>> (VQA 5).
Naumann will be responsible for leading the worldwide sales efforts for VQA and PhoneTag products.
Icewine production in Ontario is governed by the bylaws and standards of the Vintners Quality Alliance (VQA).
The MU-JHU Core lab currently utilizes CAP'S External Quality Assessment (CAPEQA) program for the majority of the tests offered in the lab as well as participating in the Virology Quality Assurance (VQA) and U.K.
Vintners Quality Alliance (VQA) Canada's quality control agency.
Such information is available, however, in data collected by the quality assurance program for wine in British Columbia, the Vintners Quality Alliance (VQA).
Beyond forestry, other successful examples in the province might include the 'BC Hothouse' brand of quality vegetables sold in the USA, and the 'VQA wine' trademark (Goldberg 1998, 2003).