VQASVirginia Quality Assurance Screening (sign language proficiency evaluation)
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VQA: Vintners Quality Alliance, this seal signifies that the wine has been tested and meets a series of standards set by a board of local vintners, grape growers, and wine experts.
These wines cannot be bottled under the VQA standards and have the statement "Cellared in Canada."
Related work is described in section 2 briefly to introduce the basic knowledge and current situation concerning VQA research.
In past decades, the research on objective VQA was the subject of much attention.
* Reduced reference (RR): not all but some parameters of the original and distorted video sequences are compared to establish the VQA function;
* Non-Reference-Free (NR): Only the information of the distorted video sequence is utilized in the VQA function.
Among the three categories, FR VQA has been studied extensively, and numerous algorithms have been proposed.
The appearance of NR VQA solves the problem of the requirement to the original video information.
Since actual brain mechanisms are not completely understood currently, it is very hard to establish an accurate objective NR VQA function.
However, the obvious limitation blocks its applications because it is typically suitable for the VQA of the low bit rate video transmissions.
More NR VQA algorithms were proposed which attempted to evaluate the visual quality in terms of different aspects caused by the codec and transmissions frequently.
According to the current situations of the NR VQA, our study in this paper focuses on the VQA establishment with the analysis and measurement of the FVs caused by the characteristics of the general video compression codec.