VQCVictorian Quality Council (Australia)
VQCVisual Quick Code (programming)
VQCVibrant Color Quality (Matrox)
VQCVector Quantizing Code
VQCVirological Quality Control
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7 show the achievable sum rate versus the number of feedback bits for DCF, CF and VQC with SNR=5 dB and the number of available blocks are 60, 80 and 100.
Dubai Only private clinics that are licensed as Vaccine Qualified Clinics (VQCs) can administer vaccines and their functions will be monitored by the Dubai Health Authority's (DHA) Health Regulation Department.
Control jerarquico, control distribuido, VQC, control de tension y potencia reactiva.
The accuracy of the assay, based on the use of known quantities of HIV-1 VQC calibrators, was 0.09 log (n = 6 duplicates) for NASBA/LOCI and 0.25 log for NASBA/ECL (n = 7 single measurements).
Dr Ramadan Ibrahim, Director of Health Regulation at the DHA said, "As per the unified policy, firstly, for any clinic or hospital to provide vaccination services in the Emirate, they will first have to quality to be a VQC, once that is established, we will also conduct regular inspections from time-to-time to ensure that the VQC's are following all mandatory rules and regulations.
Tenders are invited for providing temporary barricading for brahmotsavams vaikunta ekadasi and january 1st at vqc 1 surroundings at tirumala for the year 2019 20
The device performances were attributed to increases of the short-circuit current (/SC) and open-circuit voltage (VqC) values.
Sources said schools may have to invest more in order to meet the authority's new criteria to become a Vaccine Qualified Clinic (VQC).
Tenders are invited for Replacement of damaged marble flooring and providing granite flooring to the food counters in vqc i at tirumala
Tenders are invited for Supply of led strip lights for different designs and arches etc, In vqc section in connection with sri tt two brahmotsavams, Tirumala for the year 2018-19