VQEGVideo Quality Experts Group
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Unfortunately, such an approach requires the additional nonlinear mapping with the regression function according to VQEG recommendation [31].
[31] VQEG, "Final report from the Video Quality Experts Group on the validation of objective models of video quality assessment, phase II)", Technical Report, Video Quality Expert Group, 2003.
Presently this model has 4 different flavors: Video Quality Expert Group (VQEG) Proponent A (NTT, Japan), VQEG Proponent B (OPTICOM, Germany), VQEG Proponent C (Psytechnics, UK), and VQEG Proponent D (Yonsei University, South Korea).
For majority of the models, the video sequences that are selected from the VQEG database are very short in duration (roughly 10 s only) and hence their ability to portray a real life-streaming scenario is questionable.
[46] VQEG Standard Database maintained at http://www.its.bldrdoc.gov/vqeg/downloads.aspx
The publicly available video database of VQEG has been used for selecting our reference videos.
[17] VQEG, "Report on the validation of video quality models for high definition video content," Tech.
In order to increase the precision of in [12] proposed method the extended experiments on greater variety of a video material using the Video Quality Experts Group (VQEG) test sequences are carried out [15].
This metric was submitted to be independently evaluated on MPEG-2 and H.263 video systems by the video quality experts group (VQEG) in their phase II full reference television (FR-TV) test.
From the VQEG Hybrid / Bit-stream Group test plan [20], the DMOS value is calculated using the following formula.
Some other methods pending for standardization are: VQEG and ITU-T Study Group or an independent lab research activities.
The SDTV video programs provided by VQEG [16] which have multiple characteristics of codec effects were selected as the test video sequences.