VQIVideo Quality Inspector (software)
VQIVirtual Query Interface
VQIVillanova Quality Improvement (Villanova University; Pennsylvania)
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With today's announcement, the Brix VQI has been enhanced to be "application aware," meaning it can distinguish, analyze, and correlate the key performance indicators (KPIs) related to data impairments that, in turn, contribute to picture jerkiness, blurriness, or no picture in video-based services.
Developed with ongoing standards initiatives in mind, Brix VQI is an innovative video quality algorithm that yields useable metrics to generate an IP video quality score - per video stream - that accurately represents the user's quality of experience," said Brix Networks' chief technology officer, Kaynam Hedayat.
Similar to the widely accepted Mean Opinion Score (MOS) that has historically been used to determine voice quality, the Brix VQI measures video quality on a scale of 1-5, with higher scores reflecting fewer impairments and a greater likelihood of overall customer satisfaction.
The patent-pending Brix VQI technology goes beyond providing typical media measurements and, by leveraging the unique Brix Tri-Q(TM) Analysis capabilities, also analyzes and monitors the session quality, signaling quality, and delivery quality of IP video services.