VQLVisual Query Language
VQLVariable Quantizing Level (speech coding)
VQLVirtual Query Language
VQLVector Quantizing Level
VQLVersant Query Language
VQLVirtualization Query Language (Reflex Systems)
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The 6248 VQL Channel Bank with a TDC can carry 48 simultaneous channels of full duplex modem traffic at 9,600 b/s just the same as 48 C-5 conditioned voice grade circuits.
Of course, the VQL Channel Bank can be equipped with on the exact number of channel modules required and this will reduce costs somewhat.
This combination of ScanSoft speech recognition, speech synthesis and Voice-Insight VQL technology brings high-performance speech capabilities to a mobile environment and provides benefits to industrial and consumer users in a variety of applications in which users need information from extensive or complex databases," said Peter Hauser, Senior Vice President and General Manager for ScanSoft International.