VQMVisual Quantum Mechanics
VQMVendor Quality Management (CatalystCommand)
VQMVideo Quality Model
VQMVoice Quality Monitor
VQMVoice Quality Metric
VQMVisual Quality Metrics
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Ixia's VQM support module delivers real-time evaluation of end-user quality of experience (QoE), such as PESQ scores for 300 simultaneous calls - making it unnecessary to wait for time-consuming, post-test analysis.
The main advantage of VQM is the ability to make business decisions--from both a customer viewpoint and an engineering viewpoint-regarding VoIP implementation, upgrades, service-level agreement (SLA) management and troubleshooting.
Armed with this VQM information, network managers can understand overall network performance and pinpoint impairments that actually affect the way in which customers perceive the voice quality.
The VQM (TM) system gathers soft serve equipment data in real time and provides statistical reports on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.
The VQM (TM) touch pad on the SLX400 and SLX500 freezers is intuitive and the primary machine functions are single-button activated," said Penny Klingler, V.
ADTRAN's VQM is unique in that it provides a graphical interface that allows network administrators to view both active and historical VoIP call statistics.
It produces an overall call speech quality record (CQR) by combining the VQM metrics of both 'ends' of each call.
Using HP Quality Center and Surgient VQMS to automate both the tests and test environment provisioning, we reduced the time to test a single application from five days to four hours and increased testing bandwidth 10 times without any additional test resources.
We are pleased that our VQMS solution is helping Mercy realize faster time-to-success with one of their most critical enterprise applications.
Surgient VQMS was one of 41 products representing, "the best and most innovative in their class," states InfoWorld's editorial staff.
A VMware Technology partner, Surgient is a Silver Sponsor of VMworld and will be demonstrating VQMS at its booth #712.
0, announced last week, and the verified integration of Surgient VQMS with Mercury Quality Center announced early this summer.