VQMVisual Quantum Mechanics
VQMVendor Quality Management (CatalystCommand)
VQMVideo Quality Model
VQMVoice Quality Monitor
VQMVoice Quality Metric
VQMVisual Quality Metrics
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2 show the experimental dependences of a video quality measured by the VQM of three video clips on place of the lost P frame in the GOP and size of motion vectors in lost frames.
Ixia's VQM support module delivers real-time evaluation of end-user quality of experience (QoE), such as PESQ scores for 300 simultaneous calls - making it unnecessary to wait for time-consuming, post-test analysis.
The main advantage of VQM is the ability to make business decisions--from both a customer viewpoint and an engineering viewpoint-regarding VoIP implementation, upgrades, service-level agreement (SLA) management and troubleshooting.
In this round of tests (Chart B), we can see that the x264 comparison video is not quite as good as the 5Mbps version and the VQM scores are all close to each other.
com/ ssimplusvqm, the newer SSIMplus algorithm provides the most accurate matching between SSIMplus scoring and actual subjective ratings of all tested algorithms, which included SSIM and VQM, the algorithm I use with VQMT.
As you can see, these tests follow the same pattern as the VQM.
ADTRAN's VQM is unique in that it provides a graphical interface that allows network administrators to view both active and historical VoIP call statistics.
The green highlighted box identifies the quality leader; which for VQM is the lowest score, while for SQM it's the highest.
The VQM metric accurately predicted subjective results and meaningfully distinguished the alternatives, and it's become my go to metric.
Despite the two-pass encoding advantage enjoyed by x265, MainConcept won this trial with a VQM score of 0.
The Average Encoding Time and Average VQM Score columns show the average encoding time for all 5-second clips, plus the average VQM score.