VQMTVideo Quality Measurement Tool (Microsoft)
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Hybrik is also much more CPU efficient than MSU VQMT when running VMAF, so it can make more efficient use of all cloud instances.
com/ ssimplusvqm, the newer SSIMplus algorithm provides the most accurate matching between SSIMplus scoring and actual subjective ratings of all tested algorithms, which included SSIM and VQM, the algorithm I use with VQMT.
Unlike the VQMT, SQM ratings predict subjective evaluations, so a score of 80 to 100 predicts that live viewers will find the video excellent in quality; 60 to 80 predicts that viewers will rate the video good in quality, and so on down to zero.
Beyond this, SQM offers two key features not available on the VQMT.
com/sqm review), the product was very competent, but lacked the visualization tools VQMT provides.
Of course, sometimes the differences don't add up to anything perceptible, as the SQM scores suggest, but since VQMT makes these differences very easy to spot, I still find it very convenient.
I ran through several quality-related scenarios that I've used the Moscow VQMT tool for in the recent past.
Comparing the MSU VQMT tool and the SSIMWave SQM tool MSU VQMT SSIMWave SQM Animation Data CBR- VBR- VBR vs CBR- VBR- VBR Rate VQM VQM CBR SQM SQM vs CBR 1920 @ 5800 5,800 0.
Let's use VQMT to objectify and refine the subjective comparisons.
Using VQMT is relatively simple, but there are a couple of caveats.
In addition, VQMT can only work with files in AVI, AVS, YUV, and BMP formats; you can't directly analyze MP4 files or MOV files.
VQMT is shown in Figure 1, with all the steps labeled separately in the program interface.