VQPRDVino di Qualità Prodotto in Regioni Determinate (Italian: Quality Wine Produced in Determined Regions)
VQPRDVin de Qualité Produit Dans Une Région Déterminée (French: Wines of Quality Produced in Determined Regions)
VQPRDVinho De Qualidade Produzido Em Região Demarcada (Portugal)
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Lyrarakis produces red, rose and white wines under its own name; the latter two have been awarded appellation designations (the equivalent of the European Union's VQPRD).
VQPRD (VINO DI QUALITA PRODOTTO IN REGIONE DETERMINATA) A certification of geographic origin introduced by the European Community often found above the D.O.C.
In the EU, the share reached 35% in 1994, the production of VQPRD wines having increased by 21% and that of other wines having dropped 35% over the preceding 10 years.