VQRVirginia Quarterly Review (journal)
VQRVideo Quality Rating
VQRVintners Quality Alliance (wine producers standard of quality, Ontario Canada)
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The first VQR research assessment exercise, covering the years 2004 to 2010, began in 2011 and the results were published in 2013.
That essay ("My Life as a Foreign Country") was published in VQR and I knew, even as soon as I had the completed essay in my hand, that a book had announced itself.
They turned to BAMBOOAPPS with a task to develop such mobile application and we do believe that vQR app meets all their business objectives," says the Head of Mobile Development Department Igor Ponikarchik.
The VQR dropped gradually on the observation days and on the last observation date, the mangoes under all the four treatments turned unmarketable.
VQR Poetry Series, and is the recipient of a 2005 "Discovery"
"Thomas Wolfe's 'Old Catawba' in VQR." Virginia Quarterly Review blog.
The Vocationally Related Qualification (VQR) in sustainable energy is aimed at equipping students with the skills to install, service and maintain small-scale and domestic wind turbines.
VQR Ltd, Tancred, Sefton Park Road, Liverpool, Merseyside L8 OWN.
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The in-bound performances are not as crucial as the out-bound ones, due to Zanussi's advanced co-makership policy and the EDI with the suppliers, nevertheless vendor quality performances (by vendor quality rating - VQR) and vendor adherence-to-schedule are monitored.
Williams, "'Follow Your Leader': Melville's Benito Cereno," VQR, 23 (1947), 61-75; and Eric Sundquist, "Suspense and Tautology in Benito Cereno," Glyph, 8 (1981), 103-26.
"A Tale of Two Writers." VQR ,72 (Winter 1996), 172-175.