VQSVehicle Quota System (est. 1990; Singapore)
VQSVoice Quality Server
VQSVisual Query System (databases)
VQSVulnerability Quarantine System (computer network security)
VQSVideo Quality Score (metric)
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Both CTPA and VQS are excellent first-line investigations and their availability often determines the first choice.
The net result of our move to VQS and TAAP has made a real difference to our office and field-based teams and given RAC Inspection Services a truly great platform to leverage with our customers in the future" said Nick Reid, RAC Project Manager.
Singapore is made even steeper by the real dynamics of VQS.
each car buyer is first supposed to bid for a VQS license, and then
dealerships often bid for VQS licenses on behalf of car buyers and then
A procedure for evaluating and contrasting new wireless codecs performance with and without VQS
We are excited to be partnering with an outstanding company such as VQS.
VQS specializes in information systems for program management, helping customers with the need to manage programs with diverse business processes and controls, and remains unrivaled in the telecommunications industry.
NetClarity, Auditor, VQS and Endpoint Defender and the NetClarity logo are registered trademarks of NetClarity.
We are also working on projects that we expect to result in improved revenues from our VQS products.
NMS' Studio Sound(R) VQS features dramatically improve the sound of Half-Rate calls, making them sound as good as, or better than, those experienced using more spectrum-intensive--and thus more expensive--Full-Rate channels.
The NMS VQS system has halted the degradation of voice quality in the Half-Rate environment.