VQSVisual Quick Start
VQSVehicle Quota System (est. 1990; Singapore)
VQSVoice Quality Server
VQSVisual Query System (databases)
VQSVulnerability Quarantine System (computer network security)
VQSVideo Quality Score (metric)
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| To find out more about VQs contact your nearest learning provider, or log on to www.collegeswales.ac.uk www.ntfw.org/how-do-i-getinvolved/ www.careerswales.com/en/jobs-and-training/ | VQ Awards are jointly organised by the Welsh Government, the National Training Federation for Wales (NTfW), ColegauCymru, Qualifications Wales and the Education Workforce Council.
Both CTPA and VQS are excellent first-line investigations and their availability often determines the first choice.
Less than a third agreed VQs are only for pupils that do not succeed academically.
Developed in partnership with employers, VQs are often specified by professional bodies as required initial or continuing professional development.
Health, public services and care was the biggest single sector for VQs in the UK last year, with more than a million qualifications achieved.
Contrary to VQS applications, Freebase Parallax [Hildebrand et al 2006], the winner of Semantic Web challenge 2006, is based on the idea of faceted search.
the VQS in May 2002, the auction system switched to an ascending online
"The cell phone industry is a good example of how fragmented the industry has become," says John Patton, managing partner at VQS (vqs.net).
Front row - David Crosland, course tutor at Kirklees College, Kieran Firth, Abigail Haigh, Jack Holmes and Colette Futcher of Holmfirth High School GOOD HAIR DAY : Gaining VQs was a snip for these students.
Where vds, vqs, ids, iqs Rs, Ls, Rr, Lr, Lm, [empty set]ds, [empty set]qs, [empty set]dr, [empty set]qr and .r are the d-q axes voltages and currents, stator resistance, stator inductance, rotor resistance, rotor inductance, mutual inductance between the stator and rotor windings, stator flux linkages, rotor flux linkages and the rotor position respectively.
VQ Day is the first national event that focuses on the people who gain vocational qualifications (VQs) every year, and the people who help them achieve this success.
However, we need the millions of people who hold VQs, colleges, learning providers and schools to make themselves known by going to the website and seeing how they can get involved."