VRABVeterans Review and Appeal Board (Canada)
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Veterans cannot have confidence in VRAB decisions when VRAB Board members fail to demonstrate respect for Human Rights within the organization itself.
VRAB's refusal to entertain compassionate awards designed to assist destitute veterans and their families if they don't qualify for benefits through the usual evidence route is equally concerning.
I thank Danielle Gauthier of the VRAB for her prompt response to my enquiry a few weeks ago.
Prior to 2001 the VRAB had only given out three awards.
To be fair to the board, Gauthier also advises me that since 2001, 36,000 applications to the VRAB have resulted in favourable decisions, but we rarely hear from them.
The proposed legislation would, within three years, repeal and replace VRAB with a simplified medical and evidence-based peer review process with veterans representatives included in the selection of members.
I thank VRAB for helping me keep in business--I get more letters, e-mails and phone calls on that topic!
CAVUNP's recommendations include the appointment of VRAB members on a permanent basis until age 70.
In the first, Parent reviews some 200 decision letters VRAB sent to applicants and determines they don't provide adequate explanations of how the decisions were made."
There is general contempt among younger veterans for VAC and more specifically for VRAB.
It would also eliminate input from VRAB and the endless series of appeals.
This notwithstanding, the perverted culture of deceit and denial that infests the department and the Veterans Review and Appeal Board (VRAB) continues to thrive.