VRBLVirtual Reality Behavior Language
VRBLVirtual Reality Baseball League
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The analysis showed a significant load of fecal coliform in the middle VRBL superior to Algerian standards that are [10.sup.3] CFU/g (JORA 035 of 27/05/1998).
The amount of 1 mL of each dilution transferred into separate petri dishes and mixed with proper amount of VRBL or PCA in accordance with pour plate method.
To determine the count of aerobic and psychrotrophic bacteria, plates with nutrient agar medium were used, incubated at 30[degrees]C for 72 h and at 4[degrees]C for 10 days, respectively: for lactic acid bacteria, plates with MRS medium, incubated at 30[degrees]C for 72 h; for coliform bacteria, plates with VRBL medium, incubated at 37[degrees]C for 24 h; for E.
Coliform bacteria were carried out on VRBL agar medium and incubated for 24 hours at 37 [degrees]C for total coliforms and 44 [degrees]C for fecal coliforms according to the standard (ISO 4832); E.coli was streaked onto eosine methylene blue (EMB) agar and then incubated overnight at 37[degrees]C.