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VRDVirtual Reference Desk
VRDVirtual Retinal Display
VRDVoirie et Réseaux Divers (French: External Works, or Roads & Utility Services)
VRDVictoria River Downs (Outback Cattle Station, Australia)
VRDVocational Rehabilitation Division (Oregon DHS)
VRDVolunteer Reserve Decoration (Canada)
VRDVoyage de Recherché d'un Domicile (French: House Hunting Trip)
VRDVersion Release Document
VRDVail Recreation District (Colorado)
VRDVaccine Research and Development (World Health Organization)
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The CORDIS ENTERPRISE(TM) VRD is an important advancement in neuro-stent technology.
Although the high cost and added potential for side effects of VRD limit its patient share, most surveyed oncologists (37 percent) and surveyed payers (41 percent) perceive this three-drug regimen to have the best overall clinical profile.
Kollin research is moving along well in increasing the number of pixels that VRD can accommodate.
NYSE: ADI), a global leader in high-performance semiconductors for signal processing applications, today announced a trio of Analog Devices' ICs to provide premium-performance audio, VRD 10-compliant power delivery, and intelligent temperature monitoring and fan control for Intel's new D865PERL motherboard for desktop PCs.
Microvision, based in Seattle, Washington, is developing and commercializing its VRD technology, which allows electronically generated images and information to be projected onto the retina of the viewer's eye.
Rick Rutkowski, President and CEO of Microvision, said, "This contract will allow us to demonstrate some of the unique features that VRD technology can deliver in simulation environments that require a panoramic field of view.
The company continues to invest in research and development of its VRD technology and recently has hired Douglas Stoll as Director of Engineering to manage the company's core technology and product development programs.
Microvision's demonstration at AE3 is the result of the company's proposal to the Army to display working prototypes of the VRD in various military application scenarios.
The company has developed several prototype virtual retinal display ("VRD") devices and is currently developing its VRD technology for commercial applications, including portable communication devices, visual simulation and entertainment displays and devices that superimpose images on the user's field of vision.
construction project management services and VRD for the construction of 28 social housing units and the construction of a macro 9 free lot and lots Thumeries.
The new chip incorporates VRD, Reed-Solomon and Viterbi functions, which previously required three separate chips.
Construction of 95 collective housing (basement and VRD included).