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VRDBVirus Recovery Data Base
VRDBVolume Replication Data Base
VRDBVoter Registration Data Base
VRDBVirus Recovery Database
VRDBVariable Rated Demand Bond
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Despite the increased liquidity risk, all recent window VRDB issuances have been oversubscribed.
Of the $480 million of VRDBs, $380 million are supported by letters of credit (LOC) and $100 million will be supported by self liquidity (see below).
Fitch views Covenant's continued debt restructuring favorably (reducing its VRDB and ARS exposure); however, Covenant still has put risk with its direct bank loans that have an initial term to Sept.
In its analysis, Fitch conservatively incorporates a 15% maximum interest rate on the board's outstanding VRDB totaling approximately $127.
After this financing, SJHS's VRDB exposure totals $300 million (series 2011 bonds).
Fitch believes Winchester's VRDB exposure is manageable; the LOC was recently extended to Feb.
Deterioration to BHG's balance sheet, which would be viewed negatively given the organization's VRDB exposure;
26 times (x) coverage of maximum variable-rate debt obligations (VRDBs, resetting weekly) from immediately available resources, including a bank line of credit dedicated to VRDB support, and cash and investments with daily or weekly liquidity; TCU also maintains additional liquidity in the form of $50 million in operating lines of credit and substantial additional unrestricted investments in its endowment.