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VREVirginia Railway Express
VREVancomycin Resistant Enterococcus
VREVirtual Real Estate
VREVariable Renewable Energy
VREVirtual Research Environment
VREVancomycin-Resistant Escherichia Coli
VREVolume Review Exercise
VREVoltage Regulation Extended
VREVideo Recording Equipment
VREVirtual Radiography Environment
VREVibrating Reed Electrometers
VREViscosity Reduction Enzyme
VRENavy Transport Evacuation Squadron (US Navy aviation unit designation)
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He said De Vre Trans was excited to be lending a helping hand to the disadvantaged children as it gave them an opportunity to learn and grow.
Various factors that increase the risk of infection with VRE in a medical intensive care unit (ICU) include prolonged hospitalisation, younger age, use of ceftriaxone and vancomycin.18 Hospital workers can also transmit VRE as it can survive on fingers for about 30 minutes even after washing hands.8 Companion animals and pets can also be a reservoir for VRE.19 A recent report revealed the frequency of vancomycin-resistant enterococci to be 11.3% from a tertiary care hospital of Pakistan.20
Ulusal Hastane Enfeksiyonlari Surveyans Agi (UHESA) 2016 yilina ait Turkiye geneli yogun bakim VRE agirlikli genel ortalamasi 13.33 (persentil 50-75); Universite hastaneleri yogun bakim VRE agirlikli genel ortalamasi 13.76 (persentil 50-75) olarak tespit edilmis [6].
The prevalence of intestinal carriage of enterococci was 25.4% (56), of which 9.1% (20) and 16.3% (36) were vancomycin-sensitive enterococci and VRE, respectively (Table 1).
Epsilometer (E) test was done in VRE [Resistant in disc diffusion method] strains using a vancomycin strip of concentration gradient 0.016 to 256 [micro]g/mL and the MICs were recorded.
We report on the first identification of VRE infections in the paediatric oncology ward at a tertiary-level paediatric hospital in Cape Town, SA, over two time periods in 2013.
The trick with VRE therapy, much like other treatments, is getting individuals who may be suffering from PTSD in the door to discuss their options when seeking assistance with mental health professionals.
VRE stimulates all the senses of our customers providing a desirable experience," added Karaer.
Of these bacteria, vancomycin-resistant enterococci (VRE) have been paid a particular attention (Padiglione et al., 2003).
The VRSA and VRE toe wound isolates (February 2015) and an MRSA isolate from a nasal swab from the patient (March 2015) were sent to CDC for further characterization.
Patients with newly detected VRE colonization during routine surveillances for gastrointestinal VRE colonization were included in this study.