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VREFReference Voltage
VREFVoltage Reference
VREFVancomycin-Resistant Enterococcus Faecium (antibiotic-resistant bacteria)
VREFVertical Refresh (video)
VREFReference Landing Speed (aviation)
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Grassl was appointed as the VREF Senior Appraiser for Europe.
Now, if the Rx knows that the previous bit was a 0, and so knows the voltage will be low, it can artificially boost the voltage internally--or equivalently lower the Vref threshold
The second output of the current source enabled by T1 injects the current [I.sub.HYST] into the resistor [R.sub.4], part of the resistor ladder employed to derive the reference voltage, VREF. Thus, the trip condition of the comparator changes to:
The above prepared sample concentrates (5 mL) were added to 30 mL [OD.sub.600] VREF grown overnight at 37[degrees]C.
Close the STATCOM dialog block and open the "Step Vref" block (the red timer block connected to of the STATCOM).
Munoz acknowledges the support of CEDEUS, CONICYT/FONDAP 15110020, the Chilean Fund for Scientific and Technological Development (FONDECYT) through Project 1110720, and the Bus Rapid Transit Centre of Excellence funded by VREF. We also thank Manuela Angelucci, Oriana Bandiera, Jim Cox, Greg Crawford, Price Fishback, Austan Goolsbee, Kei Hirano, Tom Hubbard, Phillip Leslie, Preston McAfee, Tom Mroz, Mike Urbancic, and participants in the presentations at the NBER IO meetings, the University of Cologne, the European University Institute, Universite Laval, George Washington University, the University of Arizona, Georgia State University, the University of North Carolina, the University of Maryland, and the University of Chicago for their helpful suggestions.
El principio de operacion basico del rectificador trifasico AFE consiste en mantener el nivel del voltaje del bus de DC en un valor de referencia deseado; al usar un lazo de control realimentado para cumplir con esta tarea, el voltaje de DC es medido y comparado con la referencia Vref generando una senal de error la cual servira como una nueva referencia al lazo de control interno encargado de modificar el comportamiento del encendido o apagado de los transistores IGBT; de acuerdo con la estrategia de control implementada se podra disponer de la energia electrica de acuerdo a las necesidades de la carga final.
Although we don't know for sure, it's likely none were circling as a Category A aircraft, one with an approach speed (VREF, or 1.3 * Vso) below 90 knots, but instead were in Category B, for approach speeds of 91 knots to 120.
There are also changes in Vref, read burst and write burst that further increase the complexity to perform the tests mandated by the JESD209-4 specification.