VRETVirtual Reality Exposure Therapy (anxiety disorder treatment)
VRETVictorian Renewable Energy Target (Australian market scheme)
VRETVirtual Reality Eye Tracking
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The VRET became redundant after the Federal RET was expanded in 2009.
This edition has updated content; new topics like evaluative conditioning, asocial observational learning, computer-based VRET (virtual reality exposure therapy), progressive schedules, and constraint-induced movement therapy; more studies, especially those that are controversial or counterintuitive; new applications, including the use of Pavlovian and operant procedures for diagnosis, assessment, and treatment of medical disorders; and replacement of the Miller-Dollard theory of observational learning with a generic operant learning theory.
At the recent United Nations Environment Programme Finance Initiative Global Roundtable held in Melbourne in October, the Minister for Environment and Climate Change Gavin Jennings made it clear that Victoria has taken the position as a leader in Australia with the VRET scheme, even if it is just a "small start".