VRETVirtual Reality Exposure Therapy (anxiety disorder treatment)
VRETVictorian Renewable Energy Target (Australian market scheme)
VRETVirtual Reality Eye Tracking
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Ha um numero relativamente pequeno de estudos sobre VRET para medo de dirigir em comparacao a estudos sobre outros tipos de medos e fobias (Haydu et al., 2016).
We hypothesized that recovery of lower limb function after VRET would be associated with changes in brain activation during ankle dorsiflexion.
No caso da VRET para medos e fobias, por exemplo, e fundamental que o ambiente virtual gere senso de presenca para que a ansiedade possa ser provocada e, entao, submetida aos diversos procedimentos que o terapeuta selecionar para levar seu cliente a enfrentar os objetos/ambientes temidos, deixando de fugir ou de se esquivar.
Sixty participants who met current criteria (APA, 1994) for specific phobia (situational) were randomly assigned to one of the three exposure treatment conditions: computer-aided exposure treatment assisted by a therapist (CAE-T) (n= 20), self-administered computer-aided exposure (CAE-SA) (n= 21) and virtual reality exposure treatment (VRET) (n= 19).
Results from recent studies using VRET suggest that this treatment might be appropriate for driving phobia (Wald & Taylor, 2000; Wald & Taylor, 2003).
(181) See further Essential Services Commission, Victorian Government, Victorian Renewable Energy Target (VRET) Scheme (15 October 2007) <bttp://www.esc.vic.gov.au/public/VRET>
Victoria is leading the uptake of renewable energy and waste minimisation technologies in Australia, being the first state to introduce mandatory renewable energy targets through the Victorian Renewable Energy Target (VRET) scheme.
In Proceedings: VRET '97, Virtual Reality in Education & Training 1997; International Conference & Exhibition, Loughborough University, June 24-26, 1997, 13-19.
Det var Redsted som Jonas vidste (*at)havde vret rejsende c'.