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VRFVariable Refrigerant Flow (HVAC)
VRFVPN Routing and Forwarding
VRFVirtual Routing & Forwarding
VRFVisiting Research Fellow
VRFVector Relational Format
VRFVariable Radio Frequency (radio)
VRFVictims' Rights Foundation
VRFVery Rapid Fire
VRFNavy Ferry Squadron (US Navy aviation unit designation used from 1920s to 1970s)
VRFVisual Reference Flight (flight using landmarks)
VRFVeterinary Research Farm
VRFVintageRolexForum (website)
VRFVali-Asr Rehabilitation Foundation (Iran)
VRFVendor Registration Form (various locations)
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LG is committed to creating innovative solutions for the HVAC industry, and with our new LATS CAD 2 software, we're poised to revolutionize the way VRF systems are laid out and designed," said Brian Bogdan, LG's U.
The solar VRF system is a hybrid solar-electric air conditioner which can work on zero power from Dewa.
This paper presents a new set of algorithms to model energy performance of heat-pump type VRF systems using EnergyPlus [DOE 2012].
VRF systems, such as Fujitsu's t R410A system, are sophisticated centralized air conditioning set-ups that cool large multi-zone spaces with varying heating and cooling needs through intelligent controls.
The new generation of Fujitsu General VRF (R410A) system is a sophisticated centralized air conditioning system that cools large multi-zone spaces with varying heating and cooling needs through intelligent controls.
4% of the VRF market share in a competitive market like China.
Packet forwarding information is stored in the IP routing table and the CEF table for each VRF.
In November 2011, Mascoma entered into a multi-year commercial agreement with Valero Renewable Fuels Company LLC (VRF), a leading ethanol producer and subsidiary of Valero Energy Corporation, which provides VRF with terms and pricing for any purchases of the MGT yeast product at its dry mill corn ethanol plants.
Amongst the refrigeration technologies which include VRF and others, VRF technology is being preferred for buildings with varied cooling requirements, due to its reliability, safety, flexibility and comfort.
Under the agreement, Al-Futtaim Engineering will distribute high efficiency York residential and light commercial HVAC solutions and VRF Systems, as well as the Facility Explorer building automation system and fire, security and CCTV systems from Johnson Controls.
The motivation of this study was to verify the EnergyPlus VRF heat pump computer model using manufacturer's performance data.
The standalone Multi V III VRF air conditioning units reduce the building's energy consumption by 30 to 35 per cent compared to conventional units.