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(3) Verification algorithm Vrfy: upon receiving a set of message/key pairs ([m.sub.i], [k.sub.i]), where i = 1, ..., l, and the corresponding aggregate MAC tag, algorithm Vrfy computes [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], and outputs 1 denoting acceptance if and only if tag' = tag.
This is denoted by b [left arrow] Vrfy ([pi], [sigma], RID, m).
We say that an IBRS scheme is correct if the following conditions hold: 1 [left arrow] Vrfy ([pi], [sigma], RID, m) for a message m [member of] {0,1}*, a positive integer n [member of] N, and RID = {([[pi]'.sub.1],[ID.sub.1]),...,([[pi]'.sub.n], [ID.sub.n]) | [[pi]'.sub.i] [member of] [pi], [ID.sub.1], = ([ID.sub.i,l],..., [ID.sub.i,t[i]])} where (msk, [pi]) [left arrow] Setup ([1.sub.k]); [sk.sub.i,ID] [left arrow] Extract ([msk.sub.i], [[pi]'.sub.I], ID [member of] [ID.sub.i]); and [sigma] [left arrow] Sign ([sk.sub.i,ID], RID, m) for all i = 1,..., n.