VRHVlada Republike Hrvatske (Croatian: Government of the Republic of Croatia)
VRHVolunteer Reading Help (London, England, UK)
VRHValley Regional Hospital (Claremont, NH)
VRHVariable Range Hopping
VRHVaginal Radical Hysterectomy
VRHVrijwillige Reserve Hulpschepen (Dutch)
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After the Mass, retired Bayombong Bishop Ramon Villena blessed 29 survivors who were recuperating at VRH, four of whom remained at the intensive care unit.
Thus, the VRH model for a three dimensional conduction process can be presented as:
Otros parametros que caracterizan el transporte via VRH corresponden a la energia de activacion hopping [W.
Wyden's proposed legislation would codify Johnson and Franklin's "gentler" VRH clear-cuts on about 1 million acres of the Bureau of Land Management's O&C lands to double timber extraction levels.
Prefactors are notoriously difficult to determine experimentally; the reason being that the effect of the prefactor only becomes significant at higher temperatures, whereas in practice VRH is washed out at high temperatures by thermal activation.
Patrick Moore of the industry-linked Forestry Alliance concurs, predicting VRH will still leave clear-cuts the size of football fields.
Claire Bowen, VRH chief executive officer, said, "This upgrade of our information systems is a top priority for VRH as we continue to identify opportunities to improve care for our patients and community.
Their eldest child, Luigie Jay, 2, was taken to Nueva Vizcaya Provincial Hospital in Bambang while their 8-month-old baby John Melvin was being treated at VRH.
VRH recently acquired Scully Capital Services in June, 2015.
New VRH reveiver has a hinged lid for easy access and local ON/OFF control.
hopp]: Energia de activacion hopping) que caracterizan el transporte VRH (Tabla 1).
Indeed, Henry's party - which included a padre, the Reverend Ewell, who was suffering from insomnia caused by shell shock and midshipmen VRH Harrison and JH Stenning, 20 porters, a guide and a cook - slept in the huts, as I will, on their ascent.