VRHVlada Republike Hrvatske (Croatian: Government of the Republic of Croatia)
VRHVolunteer Reading Help (London, England, UK)
VRHValley Regional Hospital (Claremont, NH)
VRHVariable Range Hopping
VRHVaginal Radical Hysterectomy
VRHVrijwillige Reserve Hulpschepen (Dutch)
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This year, the company says it plans to capitalize on this success by increasing their investments, improving the VRH platform with a new Training Area and extending the scope of the Acquisition Program to include other important areas of research like Networking Devices and Instant Messengers.
Ovdje cemo shematski prikazati neka od njegovih glavnih znacenja slijedeci definicije u ekRj i VRH: (22)
After permission and approval were obtained from the VRH and the University of Health and Allied Sciences Ethics Review Committee, the researchers commenced with data collection.
The Mass at VRH chapel was the first chance for grieving families to gather after the accident, described as one of the worst in northern Luzon in the last five years.
In particular, for 3D systems and for the Mott mechanism, the exponent p =1/4, while for the ES VRH p =1/2 [3, 6].
Approval for the study was obtained from the facilities at both the Volta Regional Hospital (VRH), Ho, and the Ho Municipal Hospital.
Microvascular vasodilator response indices, improving the reproducibility of the method [16] were calculated: delta reactive hyperemia ([DELTA]RH) as PUrh-PUb; percent change of reactive hyperemia (% RH) as ([DELTA]RH/PUb)x100; the velocity of PORH microvascular response (Vrh) calculated through dividing of delta reactive hyperemia by the time to peak blood flow ([DELTA]RH/t).
VRH is a financial services and management consulting firm focused on energy, strategy, financial management and optimizing the value of underperforming assets.
The evidence presented suggests that VRH has been studied predominately from a product design predisposition while research is yet to be conducted from a business model viewpoint.
U populacijama sa niskom incidencijom HCV infekcije (Sjedinjene Americke Drzave, Kanada, Velika Britanija), HCC se najcesce dijagnostikuje kod osoba starijih od 75 godina, dok je u populacijama sa visokim rizikom (Azija, Afrika), vrh starosne krivulje oko 60.