VRICVirtual Reality International Conference (Laval Virtual)
VRICVegetable Research & Information Center (Department of Plant Sciences; University of California, Davis; Davis, CA)
VRICVietnam-Russia Intergovernmental Committee
VRICVendor Request for Information or Change
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Masi had expressed interest in working with the Ontario industry to explore the production potential for appassimento in the Niagara region and, on May 2, Raffaele Boscaini of the Masi Technical Group came to VRIC to give a presentation on the Masi experience and join in a general discussion with members of the Appassimento Project.
At the first workshop, Isabelle Lesschaeve, research chair for sensory and consumer services at VRIC, pointed out that it will be important to consider how to market the wine and which consumer groups to target.
The first-stage linear regression, which tests the relationships between board independence (OUTDIR) and company-specific characteristics associated with VRIC, has a good fit with an adjusted R-squared of 39 percent.
To test the relationship between the governance characteristics and voluntary reporting on internal control system (VRICS), a simultaneous equation (two-stage) system of two cross-sectional models is estimated.
This equation has as its independent variables all the characteristics that determine both VRICS and OUTDIR as per prior literature?
Table 4 presents the results of the second-stage regression, a probit model with an endogenous regressor (Equation 2), which tests the relationships between nine governance characteristics and VRICS. The model's Wald chi-square statistic of 357.59 is statistically significant (p < 0.01), suggesting that the coefficients on the variables in the model are significantly different from zero.
* VRICS: Non-glaucomatous optic nerve head pathology
This VRICS feature revisits the principles behind the basic techniques of slit lamp examination.
A further CET point can be obtained by completing the visual fields-based VRICS task.
A series of images with a paediatric theme are presented in this VRICS to test the practitioner's recognition ability and management skills for a diverse range of cases.
The general ignorance of the skills of contact lens opticians was demonstrated further by OT ' s excellent VRICS article on anterior segment images (March 7, 2015, page 56) which, despite being eminently suitable for contact lens opticians was only accredited for optometrists and therapeutic optometrists.