VRISVariable Resistance Induction System
VRISVariable Resonance Induction System
VRISVolunteer Richmond Information Services (Richmond, British Columbia, Canada)
VRISVoters Registration and Identification System (Philippines)
VRISVariable Resonance Intake System (car product)
VRISVoice Refund Inquiry System (Department of Revenue; Alabama)
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"When the parent files, its regulated subsidiaries are likely to be seized by domestic and foreign regulators," Vris said of SIFIs.
"A group of provisions in the Bankruptcy Code referred to as safe harbor provisions permit (generally) counterparties to short-term repossess financings, swaps and other derivatives to terminate agreements, set off obligations and seize collateral," Vris said, meaning that entities party to such transactions can take action against the SIFI to reclaim what's theirs in the instance of a bankruptcy filing.
Vris put it best, quoting from a letter NBC wrote to Senators John Cornyn (R-TX) and Pat Toomey (R-PA) regarding a bill they wrote that would create a new wind-down procedure for SIFIs: "The NBC generally supports the idea that resolution of [SIFIs] should be done in a manner that (i) maximizes value for stakeholders, (ii) minimizes systemic disruption and moral hazard, yet (iii) protects taxpayers from loss." The NBC was referring specifically to SIFIs, but the three goals were what everyone at the hearing, and what everyone else agrees are the greatest priorities of any resolution of any entity, company, bank, financial institution or otherwise.
The distribution of the number of assault and self-harm cases by hour of occurrence (data not shown) showed a similar pattern for both types of VRIs. The highest number of cases occurred between 4:00 pm and midnight, decreasing after that.
Among persons 20 years old presenting with VRIs, females were significantly more likely to have been victims of self-harm than males.