VRKVerkehrsverbund Region Kiel (German: Kiel Regional Transportation; Kiel, Germany)
VRKVaccinia Related Kinase
VRKVlaams Radio Koor (Dutch: Flemish Radio Chorus; Flanders, Belgium)
VRKVarkaus, Finland - Varkaus (Airport Code)
VRKVesterbro Rulleskøjte Klub (Danish: Vesterbro Roller Club; Birkerød, Denmark)
VRKVery Restricted Knowledge (classified information)
VRKVariability Reduction Kaizen (statistical problem solving)
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VRK Rao emphatically says this diet reverses many lifestyle diseases.
TABLE 1: Rat pellet feed contents obtained from VRK Nutritional Solutions, Pune, having the following ingredients.
Explicit VRK methods of Pouzet type (PVRK methods) are characterized by a strictly lower triangular matrix A while implicit VRK methods of de Hoog and Weiss (HVRK methods) are characterized by
Each of the Finnish mobile operators working within the scheme will coordinate with VRK and the police to manage the authentication of citizens and the issuance of cards.
Nasal washings or tracheal secretions were tested for respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), influenza A and B, parainfluenza 1, 2, and 3, and adenovirus antigens by a commercial immunofluorescence assay (VRK Bartels Viral Respiratory Screening and Identification Kit, Bartels Inc., Issaquah, WA) and by enzyme immunoassay (Directigen RSV, Becton Dickinson, Le Pont de Claix, France) for RSV.
Sonera said that the objective of the project was to adapt the electronic identifiers and signature functions on the SIM card of Sonera's mobile phone customers and the citizens' certificate produced by VRK into one integrated service.
Predominant bimodal learning was as follows: VK 32.6%, VA 31.50%, AR 30.3%, and RK 27.0%, while in trimodal predominant learning style was as follows: ARK 13.5%, VAR 12.4%, and VRK 10.1%, and in quadrimodal, it was 3.40% [Tables 3 and 4].
In addition, ongoing debriefings among the authors (UVS, MR and VRK) and references to the original Malayalam transcripts were used to verify the translated text.
[8.] Kamat SR, Sarma SB, Raju VRK. Indian norms for pulmonary functional observed values, predictive equations and inter correlations.
Not a day passes without Veeramachaneni appearing one TV channel or the other, fielding uneasy questions from doctors, experts and dietitians who express fears over his diet plan, now popular as VRK diet, and consequences thereof.