VRKVerkehrsverbund Region Kiel (German: Kiel Regional Transportation; Kiel, Germany)
VRKVaccinia Related Kinase
VRKVlaams Radio Koor (Dutch: Flemish Radio Chorus; Flanders, Belgium)
VRKVarkaus, Finland - Varkaus (Airport Code)
VRKVesterbro Rulleskøjte Klub (Danish: Vesterbro Roller Club; Birkerød, Denmark)
VRKVery Restricted Knowledge (classified information)
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Let p be the order of the corresponding classical VRK method (i.
Sonera said that the objective of the project was to adapt the electronic identifiers and signature functions on the SIM card of Sonera's mobile phone customers and the citizens' certificate produced by VRK into one integrated service.
The coding assignments were reviewed and differences were resolved through discussion and consensus by the authors UVS, MR and VRK.
The private colleges denied renewal included Malla Reddy Institute of Medical Sciences, with 150 seats, owned by the Telugu Desam Party lawmaker Malla Reddy, and Dr VRK Women's Medical College and Fatima Institute of Medical Sciences in Kadapa -- with 100 seats each.
V 6 A 14 R 8 K 3 VA 4 VR 3 VK 1 AR 8 AK 2 RK 2 VAR 18 VAK 9 ARK 10 VRK 6 VARK 6 Note: Table made from bar graph.
Satyanarayana VM, Vera Prasad PV, Murphy VRK and KJ Boots Influence of integrated use of farmyard manure and inorganic fertilizer on yield and yield components of irrigated lowland rice.