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VRLVision Resources Library
VRLVirtual Reality Laboratory (various locations)
VRLVertical Reference Line
VRLVlaamse Reumaliga Vzw
VRLVascular Research Laboratory (various schools)
VRLVirus Reference Laboratory (University College Dublin; Dublin, Ireland)
VRLVision Research Lab (University of California, Santa Barbara)
VRLVirtual Research Library
VRLVijayanand Roadlines Ltd (India)
VRLVisualization Research Lab (Brown University; Rhode Island)
VRLVariance Residual Life
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The suspects were running VRL Packers and Movers Pvt.
The VRL contains the centers of the visited regions and the frequency with which these regions are visited.
Just like the promoters of VRL Logistics, Arvind Lal of Dr Lal Pathlabs, too, has made windfall gains.
feature RSES MSES M [+ or -][sigma] M [+ or -][sigma] trial Stange 46,1 16,14 45,9 15,89 trial Genchi 21,6 7,77 22,3 8,42 MoL,ce[KAPPA] 0,70 0,075 0,74 0,109 MoS,ce[KAPPA] 0,66 0,078 0,67 0,090 AMoL, % 28,1 5,98 27,8 8,56 AMoS, % 37,8 10,67 35,0 8,96 VRL, ce[KAPPA] 0,33 0,074 0,33 0,076 VRS, ce[KAPPA] 0,25 0,064 0,26 0,056 INL.
The ISL views the VITO resource layer (VRL) as yet another environmental data source to offer to its users.
Wistar rats (SPF grade, male, 230-280 g) were purchased from the Vital River Laboratories (VRL, Beijing, China).
Among them, the first column shows the circuit name, the second to sixth columns, respectively, show the compression effect of FDR code [6], INDC code [9], AARLC code [8], FAVLC code [12], and VRL code [13], and the seventh column shows compression effect of the scheme presented.
[13.] Balakrishnan A, Valsalan R, Sheshadri S, Pandit VRl Medep V, Agrawal RK.
Contact: Nicholas Moody Editor Private Banker International Tel: +65 6383 4688 Nicholas.Moody@privatebankerinternational.com Rosemary Pang Media Relations VRL Timetric Tel: +65 6383 4688 rosemary.pang@sg.timetric.com
The next session of VRL Online tutorial program launches June 17th, 2013 at www.vrltraining.com.
In a recent study conducted in collaboration with VRL and TNS Global, an average of over 60 per cent of consumers in the Middle East say they would find prepaid products useful for remittances, salary and travel.