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VRMVendor Relationship Management
VRMVoltage Regulator Module
VRMVirtual Resource Manager (IBM)
VRMVariable Rate Mortgage
VRMVehicle Registration Mark
VRMVariable Range Marker
VRMVirtual Rights Management (VMware)
VRMVirtual Reference Monitoring (audio technology; Focusrite)
vRMVehicle Relationship Management
VRMVertical Roller Mill
VRMVenus Radar Mapper
VRMViscous Remanent Magnetization
VRMValue Reference Model (Value Chain Group)
VRMVirtual Reality Media (Trencin, Slovakia; est. 1992)
VRMVoice Recognition Module
VRMVirtual Relationship Marketing
VRMVoltage-Regulator Model
VRMVehicular Radio Modem (Motorola)
VRMViet Nam Resident Mission
VRMVersion Release Milestone
VRMVisitor Relation Management
VRMVendor Refill Management (hardware vendor services; New Zealand)
VRMVirgin Raw Materials
VRMVieilles Roues de Monteux (French vintage vehicle club)
VRMVoltage - Reverse Maximum (maximum voltage the diode can block)
VRMVirtually Real Motocross (website)
VRMVisual Resources Management (US DOI)
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Shari Barbanel, who first joined VRM in January, 2011, has been named the new Editor-in-Chief of Natural Practitioner (NP), the business magazine for alternative, complementary and integrative health care professionals.
For example, HR responds to employee vacancies within an allocated budget, while a VRM can and should be proactive in developing many new roles for volunteers, and doesn't need to wait for funding.
Ticketing collaboration: Vulnerability ticket owners can involve other people using email, in addition to the Unified VRM interface.
The broad scope of a VRM has the potential to support these aims by linking technology investment to the broader business context.
The location of the VRM remote sense line is critical for effective performance.
If it weren't for VRM, there would be much more pressure on students to avoid mistakes, reducing their opportunity to experiment and really learn," noted Cole.
After adjustment, an increase of 1 ppm in maternal hair mercury was associated with a decrement in VRM score of 7.
Kapoor, "We are privileged to be working with customers across industries, helping them with their VRM programs across direct and indirect vendors.
Adding a remote VRM sense line can really help in meeting end-to-end voltage margins by detecting and controlling changes in voltage levels," said Shahriar Mokhtarzad, a hardware engineering manager at Brocade.
We appreciate partnering with VRM employees to be of service to this worthwhile endeavor.
GRC platform, RSA VRM helps connect vulnerability risk programs with overall IT GRC work streams to enable better visibility into the overall security risk of the organization
ATLANTA -- VRM University will offer its innovative REO certification training on Oct.