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VRMVendor Relationship Management
VRMVoltage Regulator Module
VRMVirtual Resource Manager (IBM)
VRMVirtual Reality Media
VRMVerification and Reporting Matrix
VRMVirtual Resource Manager
VRMVersion Release Modification
VRMVirtual Real Mode
VRMVariable Rate Mortgage
VRMVendor Resource Management
VRMVisual Resources Management (US DOI)
VRMVirtually Real Motocross (website)
VRMVehicle Registration Mark
VRMVariable Range Marker
VRMVirtual Rights Management (VMware)
VRMVirtual Reference Monitoring (audio technology; Focusrite)
VRMVehicle Relationship Management
VRMVertical Roller Mill
VRMValuation Risk Management (Veros Real Estate Solutions)
VRMVenus Radar Mapper
VRMViscous Remanent Magnetization
VRMValue Reference Model (Value Chain Group)
VRMValley Rescue Mission (Georgia)
VRMVirtual Reality Media (Trencin, Slovakia; est. 1992)
VRMVoice Recognition Module
VRMVirtual Relationship Marketing
VRMVirginia Richmond Mission
VRMVoltage-Regulator Model
VRMVehicular Radio Modem (Motorola)
VRMViet Nam Resident Mission
VRMVersion Release Milestone
VRMVisitor Relation Management
VRMVendor Refill Management (hardware vendor services; New Zealand)
VRMVirgin Raw Materials
VRMVieilles Roues de Monteux (French vintage vehicle club)
VRMVoltage - Reverse Maximum (maximum voltage the diode can block)
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The GIGABYTE Z390 AORUS MASTER makes use of a 12-phase VRM for the CPU.
The use of human serum in cell culture (OECD TG 442d states only "serum" but the Validated Reference Method (VRM) protocol states "foetal calf serum"); 2.
6 shows the torque phase of the angle of rotation of the rotor when powered from a switch on the VRM of Fig.
Of course, it has been proven over and over that when the VRM is placed into human resources, attention to volunteers is whittled down over time, as volunteers are given lower priority than paid staff.
Parameters on the VRM (DC/DC) page have to be adjusted based on a few simple rules to achieve this before simulating the entire PDN system.
VRM and its core driver--empowering individuals as managers and users of their own data--marks a root-and-branch transformation in how companies think about, and manage, their relationships with their customers.
"VRM allows the lender to pull in data from their vendors, appraisal providers and expert review staff to provide the required data for any loans being delivered to the GSEs [government-sponsored enterprises] with the transparency required by management teams to monitor productivity, consistency and efficiency," said David Rasmussen, senior vice president of operations for Veros.
Looking to diversify given the downturn in the island's construction industry, local residential development firm Empresas VRM began a site search a year ago, which culminated in a US$8 million high-end residential project near the Vail and Beaver Creek ski resorts in Colorado, reports Caribbean Business (Dec.
The approach is termed "Value Roadmapping" (VRM), based on frameworks and techniques developed over several years of prior research, exploring how to rapidly initiate and customize roadmapping in organizations.
Based on the IntelA P55 chipset, GIGABYTE's P55 motherboards were build upon the success of their Ultra Durableao 3 design featuring 2oz copper PCB and deliver a host of cutting-edge features including the industry's first 24 phase VRM design, innovative Smart6ao PC management tools and Dynamic Energy Saverao 2 power saving utilities just to name a few.
Publishing group Rhein Main (VRM) will be the first in Germany to install Milenium Cross Media, the multi-channel editorial system from Madrid-based Protecmedia, in January 2010.