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VRNVerkehrsverbund Rhein-Neckar
VRNVariable Rate Note
VRNVehicle Registration Number
VRNValue Retail News (magazine)
VRNVerona, Italy - Verona (Airport Code)
VRNVideo-Rich Navigation
VRNVictoria Radio Network (Scotland hospital radio station)
VRNVirtual Retail Network
VRNVivement la Radio Numérique (French: Highly Digital Radio)
VRNVariable Rate Nutrient (agriculture)
VRNVon Recklinghausen's Neurofibromatosis
VRNVirtual Routed Networks (Crescent Networks)
VRNVerification Requirements Number
VRNVCU (Viginia Commonwealth) Ram Nation (college sports)
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The VRN, which serves around three million people in cities including Mannheim, Kaiserslautern and Heidelberg, has cancelled all services due to the strike action.
Other orthologous series of Vrn genes are also predicted to exist in chromosomes of homeologous groups 1 (Vrn-3) and 4 (Vrn-2) as evidenced from orthology with barley (Laurie et al., 1995) and T.
Vrn and Ppd gene systems have been investigated in various studies related to adaptation, and results have shed some light on the benefits that could be obtained through their conscious manipulation within spring or winter types.
Despite indications that specific combinations of Vrn, Ppd, and Eps genes may result in ideal wheat developmental patterns, there is little information on requirements for broad or specific adaptation.
Thus, the objectives of the present study were to (i) characterize CIMMYT-derived cultivars for Vrn, Ppd, and Eps; (ii) test whether earliness per se is a constitutive genotypic characteristic that delays or accelerates flowering depending on environmental conditions; and (iii) identify diagnostic molecular markers for the vernalization response gene Vrn-D1 to significantly increase the efficiency of germplasm characterization and plant selection.
It was assumed that a 24-h light regime and complete vernalization treatment would satisfy all vernalization and photoperiodic requirements, thus removing the effects of Vrn and Ppd.
If the lines had a spring allele at a VRN locus other than VRN-A1 then a portion of the [F.sub.2] progeny would have a winter growth habit, whereas if these three lines had the dominant VRN-A1 allele, then all the progeny would have a spring growth habit.