VRNAVeterans Resource Network Association
vRNAViral Ribonucleic Acid
VRNAVentana Ranch Neighborhood Association (est. 2001; Albuquerque, NM)
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suggested that human hvg1 and hvg2 vRNA can bind the anticancer drug mitoxantrone and may play an important role in exporting toxic compounds.
12) may reflect vRNA located in the top of the cap ring as shown in Fig.
18 includes a model of the locations of TEP1, VPARP and vRNA in the MVP capsid based on electron microscopic analyses.
residues weight or bases (kDa) MVP rat 861 95,798 11 human 893 99,327 12 vPARP human 1,724 192,595 5 TEP1 rat 2,629 291,708 6, 13 human 2,627 290,490 6, 14 vRNA rat 141 47,686 15 human 8 hvg1 98 32,994 hvg2 88 29,612 hvg3 88 29,544 Table 2.
Virologic Response Rates (HIV-1 vRNA <50 copies/mL) at Pre-specified Time Points
n/N, number of pts with vRNA <50 c/mL over Number of evaluable pts at each time point.
7) Nucleoproteins (NPs) needed for viral replication are associated with vRNA molecules.
7 Czech Republic Vrna & Pelikn, advoktn kancelr: Ludek Vrna & Robert Pelikn
expression of svRNA was found to correlate with the accumulation of vRNA and was found to be essential in converting RNA-dependent RNA polymerase (RdRp) activity from transcription toward genome replication;
the inhibition of specific svRNAs using chemically modified, single-stranded anti-svRNA oligonucleotides resulted in suppression of vRNA synthesis in a segment-specific manner and potently blocked viral infectivity.
An 1,187 bp cDNA fragment consisting of the HA1 coding region of influenza A hemagglutinin was amplified using forward primer F6-(5'-AAGCAGGGGAAAATAAAA-3', mRNA) and reverse primer R1193-(5'-GTAATCCCGTTAATGGCA-3', vRNA sense).