VRONVrije Radio Omroep Nederland (Dutch: Free Radio Station of the Netherlands; now Radio Victoria)
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This was later taken up by cultural critics like David Roediger, Ruth Frankenberg and Vron Ware.
I WAS interested to hear that a CD release by the Vron Welsh Male Voice Choir has become the fastest-selling classical album ever.
As Vron Ware argues, (12) Anglo-Protestant women cannot be separated from their formative locations in a White supremacist context, playing significant roles in the effort to fortify particular versions of Whiteness during a period in which mass immigration was transforming the American landscape and a Whiteness deemed authentic enabled U.S.
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Rutherdale's approach to the women's colonial discourse has been influenced by, among other perspectives, Edward Said's arguments about the ways in which writing by colonial elites, often ignorant about their subjects, "reinforce[d] the economic and political imperatives of empire,"(xxiii) by Homi Bhabha whose work zeroes in on the "contact zone itself [and] provides a way to go beyond the colonized/colonizer dichotomy,"(xxiii) and by Vron Ware, more popular perhaps a decade ago, and among the first feminist scholars to recognize the interconnectedness of race, class, gender, and imperialist ideology.