VRPVehicle Routing Problem
VRPVoyageur, Représentant, Placier (French)
VRPVehicle Recycling Partnership (USA)
VRPVersatile Routing Platform
VRPVanuatu Republican Party
VRPVessel Response Plans
VRPVisual Reference Point
VRPVolksrepublik Polen (Poland in GDR)
VRPVolunteer Resource Program
VRPVertical Radiation Pattern (antennas)
VRPVoting Rights Project
VRPVirtual Reality Prototyping
VRPViewer Response Profile
VRPVariability Reduction Process
VRPVisibility Reducing Particle
VRPVehicle Replica Buffer
VRPViolation to the Reuse Pattern
VRPVisiteur Représentant Placier (French: Sales Representative)
VRPVortex Ring Parachute
VRPVested Rights Permit (San Antonio, Texas)
VRPVentabren Retro Passion (French vintage vehicle club)
VRPVisual Reporting Post
VRPVocational Rehabilitation Program (various organizations)
VRPVlaamse Vereniging voor Ruimte en Planning (Dutch: Flemish Association for Space and Planning; Belgium)
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It added a whole new floor, designed to accommodate additional clinics and slated for physicians who would like to be part of the VRP family.
VRP Consulting said bringing CodeSWAT under the VRP umbrella gives VRP Consulting direct exposure to new business opportunities, allowing it to provide end-to-end technology services for the Salesforce ecosystem.
The purpose of this paper is to present the state-of-the-art of VRP considering it is an important supply chain element.
The objective of the VRP with deliveries and selective pickups that includes time windows (VRPDSPTW) is to minimize the difference between routing costs and revenues associated with the pickups.
The first ant system for the VRP was proposed by Bulleneimer et al.
Intuitively, the DCM represents the point at which the VRP must be placed at any point in time to allow the CoM to come to a complete rest.
From the practical standpoint, however, it is questionable if the existing VRP techniques and software products can actually save fuel consumption effectively for all segments of the trucking industry.
El efecto de estas reglas adicionales, cuya funcion es monoptongar la secuencia [-ei-] en [-e-] tal como hemos visto en el VRP y elevar la vocal acentuada anterior media a posicion alta (5), y el efecto de las reglas (7) y (8), se puede apreciar en las tablas 4-6.
We believe VRP offers investors the potential for high current income and lower interest-rate sensitivity than traditional fixed-rate preferred securities.
The general idea of this paper is based on finding solutions to the classical VRP problem instances E-n33-k4, B-n41-k6, F-n45-k4, which have been developed by Christofides [6], as the problem of Benchmarking for instance.
In those areas, the SSGNs go during the course of their deployment schedule to conduct either a Voyage Repair Period (VRP), conducted in a highly compressed period, or a Continuous Maintenance Availability (CMAV) which is a little more in depth than a VRP, and takes longer to complete.