VRPAVermont Recreation and Parks Association (Colchester, VT)
VRPAVipassana Research Publications of America (Vipassana Research Institute)
VRPAValley Regional Planning Agency (Connecticut)
VRPAVancouver Regional Pinball Association (British Columbia, Canada)
VRPAVariational Random Phase Approximation
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"We started offering DC plan services to small businesses, recognizing that this segment of the market was underserved and overcharged," Crystal Hardie Langston, Vanguard principal and head of VRPA, said in a statement.
Almost all the plans VRPA administers have a designated default investment option, usually a target-date fund.
"As a result, nearly 80% of VRPA participants hold a balanced portfolio."
VRPA and boundary layer thickness presented above are design parameters of photoreactors and their calculations require a model of radiant field, which quantify LVRPA within the reactor.
The SFM parameters were calculated to the experimental conditions reported (<[I.sub.0]>) [approximately equal to] = 1.81 x [10.sup.-8] Einstein [cm.sup.-2] [s.sup.-1], catalyst Aldrich, <[sigma]> = 3.60 x [10.sup.4] [cm.sup.2] [g.sup.-1], and ([kappa]) = 3.28 x [10.sup.3] [cm.sup.2] [g.sup.-1]) with a local percent error of LVRPA lower than 12, and 2.4 for VRPA.
The catalyst Aldrich has a maximum VRPA 7% higher than the one presented by the catalyst Degussa.
For all catalysts and loadings lower than 0.1 g/l, the absorption of photons occurs in the entire thickness of the reactor (1 cm), but the VRPA has small values.
A point above this curve presents a dark layer inside reactor, while a point below it presents VRPA less than the maximum possible.