VRPSVirginia Recreation and Park Society (est. 1953; Roanoke, VA)
VRPSVintage Radio and Phonograph Society
VRPSVendor Repairable Provisioning Schedule
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Other VRPs identified by the government to deliver its vision for social and economic transformation include enriching the Hajj and Umrah experience, strengthening the role of the private sector, and growing the assets of the sovereign wealth vehicle, Public Investment Fund .
However, Doerner, Focke, and Gutjahr (2007) found that ACO can be outperformed when solving VRPs. As mentioned before, to solve our problem we changed the study object from the vehicles to the batches of parcels; thus, the route design is similar to the food-searching process of ants.
This work also can be evolved to deal with other types of VRPs problems, like the VRP with Time Windows and the Pickup-and-Delivery VRP, in addition to other search problems, like lower-cost routes for robots and obstacle avoidance.
In the classical sense the TSP is linked to a distribution problem, such as the VRPs (Vehicle Routing Problems), but it can also be used in WMSs (Warehouse Management Systems).
However, stochastic and dynamic VRPs (DVRPs) are not mutually exclusive.
In the literature, there are basically four different algorithms forming the basis of all bee-inspired approaches for solving vehicle routing problems (VRPs).
This is also an important feature that distinguishes it from the traditional transportation problem and the vehicle routing problem (VRP).
Variations of the classic VRP consider the problem with a mix of nodes that require delivery only, pickup only or both delivery and pickup [5].
The target population was vocational rehabilitation providers (VRPs) in Florida who conduct and/or review vocational evaluations of individuals with TBI who reside in Florida.
In recent years, however, the voice range profile (VRP) and voice dosimetry have begun to show promise as objective tools that could assist teachers with the selection process.
However, potential developers and investors need to also familiarize themselves with applicable state Voluntary Response Program (VRP) liability schemes, as most Brownfields regulated by state agencies are impacted by liability provisions in the memorandums of agreement with the EPA.