VRRAVintage Road Racing Association (Canada)
VRRAVeterans’ Reemployment Rights Act
VRRAVoluntary Remediation and Redevelopment Act (West Virginia)
VRRAVancouver Rabbit Rescue & Advocacy (Vancouver, BC, Canada)
VRRAVermilion River Regional Alliance (Canada)
VRRAVictorian Rugby Referees Association (Australia)
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acknowledge this fact, the VRRA extends the first right to crime
exists before the filing of criminal charges, the VRRA envisions the
Assistance addressing the VRRA direct that Justice Department components
122) So, under the VRRA, the Justice Department should already
The VRRA, however, does not contain a right to confer and a right
provision of services before charges are filed under the VRRA, it is
212) The VRRA already requires the Department to provide