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VRSVideo Relay Service (Sprint)
VRSVirginia Retirement System
VRSVerkehrsverbund Rhein-Sieg
VRSVirtual ReScan
VRSVocational Rehabilitation Services
VRSVirtual Reference Station (Trimble Navigation Limited; GPS technology)
VRSVoluntary Retirement Scheme
VRSVoice Response System
VRSVerbal Rating Scale (pain assessment)
VRSVancouver Recital Society
VRSVoice Recognition Software
VRSVariable Returns to Scale
VRSVojska Republike Srpske (Serbian: Army of the Serbian Republic)
VRSVortex Ring State
VRSVapor Recovery System
VRSVehicle Recovery System
VRSVoice Recording System
VRSVirtual Reality Society
VRSVideo Recording System
VRSVirtual Reality Simulation
VRSWordPerfect Graphics Driver (file name extension)
VRSVocational Rehabilitation Specialist
VRSVehicle Registration System
VRSVerkehrsrechtssammlung (German traffic law court decisions)
VRSVital Record Specifications (IBM mainframe tape management)
VRSVolume Recognition Sequence (OSTA universal disk format)
VRSVehicle Restraint System (UK)
VRSVibration Response Spectrum
VRSVirchow-Robin Space (neurohistology)
VRSVolunteer Reserve System (USAF)
VRSVisionsports Riding Schools (Eagle, Wisconsin)
VRSVisual Ring Signaler
VRSVancomycin-Resistant Staphylococci
VRSVoice Retrieval System
VRSVacuum Relief System
VRSVolga Relief Society (Oregon)
VRSNavy Service Squadron (US Navy aviation unit designation used from 1920s to 1950s)
VRSVirtual Rendering System (computer graphics software library)
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First, while the 80% similarity rule has generally proved adequate to assign VR families, it is open to misinterpretation, leading to the inappropriate designation of VR sequences.
A recent FCC order mandating that relay services be more "functionally-equivalent" to those used by hearing individuals outlines new responsibilities for both VRS providers and VRS users.
We are excited that members of Congress will get to see how VRS works, and envision the empowering benefits it brings to the everyday lives of deaf and hard of hearing Americans.
A map of Deaflympics venues at which Sorenson VRS and IP Relay (SIPRelay) will be provided can be accessed by visiting http://www.
The company's Ascent platform is the most popular information capture application worldwide, and its VRS (VirtualReScan) is the de facto standard for scanning productivity.
Xerox also announced today the DocuMate 632 departmental scanner with VRS Professional for $2,295.
Visioneer's and Kofax' commitments to bring simplicity and accuracy to the scanning experience are proven again through the integration of OneTouch with Kofax VRS Technology.
Not many companies offer in-house professional development for their VRS interpreters.
Wakeland emphasized that the Sorenson VRS Interpreting Centers provide ongoing educational opportunities and flexible work schedules for interpreters.
If we are to fulfill the promise of increased access to VRS for the deaf community, it is critical that we have more interpreters available for VRS," said Pat Nola, president and CEO of Sorenson Communications.
A simplified, predictable, and fair ratemaking process gives TRS providers the best opportunity to implement the mandate of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) to bring VRS to more deaf people," said Ron Burdett, vice president of community relations at Sorenson Communications.
Sorenson VRS enables deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals to efficiently conduct free video relay calls with family, friends and business associates through a qualified sign language interpreter, using a Sorenson videophone, television and high-speed Internet connection.