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VRTVehicle Registration Tax
VRTVibration Reduction Technology (Samsung)
VRTVlaamse Radio- en Televisieomroep (public TV in Belgium, previously BRTN)
VRTVolume Rendering Technique
VRTValley Regional Transit (Idaho)
VRTVoice Recognition Technology
VRTVoltage Regulating Transformer
VRTVoltage Reduction Technology (Intel Corp)
VRTVision Rehabilitation Therapist
VRTVita Radio Transport (communications standard / protocol)
VRTVirtual Round Table (computing conference)
VRTVirgin Rock Temperature (mining)
VRTVectoring, Reversing, Targeting (combat aircraft)
VRTVirtual Resonance Tunneling
VRTVariable Resolution Terrain Model
VRTVoyager Repair Team
VRTVirus Removal Tool (software)
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The court found the rules over VRT infringe the freedom to provide services across EU borders.
Abrini, a 31-year-old Belgian, was "more than likely" the "man in the hat" seen on security camera footage at Brussels airport on March 22 with two suicide bombers, VRT said, citing unidentified sources.
The VRT protocol provides a variety of formatting options that allow the transport layer to be optimized for each application.
The Flemish government has asked VRT to make a cost-cutting plan on its own.
Specifically, a customized syndication end-to-end solution, based on Piksel's award-winning video content management system (VCMS), will be developed for VRT.
While intended to work as a unified system, the HiVol Lowboy Trailer and VRT can operate independently of one another for added versatility.
A study from the Cleveland Clinic (8) (Cleveland, Ohio) in 2002 reported the potential financial benefits and its experience with the implementation of VRT into surgical pathology.
Sendo a selecao de processos VRT um problema de otimizacao, dois passos devem ser considerados (CHEN; RAMASWAMY, 2002): 1) desenvolvimento de modelos matematicos que descrevam o processo com seguranca; 2) identificacao das condicoes otimas baseadas em indices de desempenho tais como uso de energia e perda de propriedades nutricionais e organolepticas.
Also Irish people buying cars abroad have to re-register them within 24 hours of entering the state and pay a huge VRT bill.
A new iPhone portal will enable the company's customers to read the VRT and RTBF news or watch RTBF videos on their 3G and 3GS iPhones.
The network will be operated by a new company, which will take over all broadcasting network assets and related services from VRT.