VRUVoice Response Unit
VRUVapor Recovery Unit
VRUVenus Resources Unlimited (gaming clan)
VRUVoice Recognition Unit
VRUVulnerable Road User
VRUVoie Rapide Urbaine (French: Urban Fast Lane; highway)
VRUVirginia Rugby Union
VRUVertical Reference Unit
VRUVancouver Rugby Union (Vancouver, BC, Canada)
VRUVocal Response Unit (band)
VRUVirtual Resource Unit
VRUVessel Reference Unit (maritime dynamic positioning systems)
VRUVirology Research Unit (International Center for Tropical Agriculture; Colombia)
VRUVirtual Readiness University
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Exterior lighting maintenance and operation services in 2018-2023 in the counties of jgeva, plva, tartu, valga and vru in accordance with the conditions specified in the source documents.
VRU installations will continue to increase at a steady rate in Europe.
The VRU Pro can be used with an electric motor or natural gas engine.
In their application for the construction of the VRU to the State Environment Service, VNT has made a request that significant amendments to their B category permit be made asking to double the range of products they handle.
Installation of the VRUs is expected to begin in the fourth quarter and continue through 2012.
Most VRU opt-out options are handled internally during normal business hours, and outsourced at late hours and on weekends.
Any VRU will save money because it's always cheaper to talk to a machine than a human, maintains Beaupre.
However, when the caller wanted to transfer out of the VRU to a live agent, Diversified's system could manage only a blind transfer.
When using the VRU to capture the names and addresses of prospective customers in building a database, the process is a little different.
VNT is working on two solutions in parallel--a permanent and a temporary VRU.