VRVVariable Refrigerant Volume
VRVVacuum Reducer Valve (automotive part)
VRVVan Reekum Veress (Calgary, Alberta, Canada)
VRVVisual Range Visibility (NASA)
VRVVentricular Rate Variability
VRVVesico-Rectum-Vaginal Fistula (gynecology)
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The detailed formulation of the multisplit VRV system for the EnergyPlus module can be found in Zhou et al.
Daikin was the first company to design and install a VRV system in Japan in1982.
A spreadsheet analysis was created to compare the annual performance of a VRV air-source heat pump system to a ground-source heat pump system.
2006), which did not consider the effect of ventilation on the performance of the multi-split VRV system.
The environmentally-friendly Reflok[R] aluminum components allow for installations of full VRV air conditioning systems without the use of the traditional extreme-heat brazing process, to eliminate the blow-torch heating process and provide a cleaner and safer installation.
But on March 31, 2008, Goi abruptly quit VRV, with no advance notice, forfeiting three months salary to work for Poly Plant Project Engineering, located in Burbank, Calif.
Tenders are invited for Comprehensive Servicing and maintenance contract of VRV HVAC system installed at CA (WSSD), CA (F), Chief Enquiry Officer & IT dept, Estate dept of MHO for the period of two years from the date of acceptance.
VRV Sriprasad, managing director, Volvo Buses India, said, 'Volvo Buses is committed to modernising the public transport landscape and to drive the quality of life for people in India.
UK 08450 176 090 @FANTASTICMEDIA Exceptional Service & Maintenance Design -From enquiry to installation we fully manage any project for new air Air Conditioning Refrigeration ColdstoresDisplay Counters & CabinetsStorage Cabinets Ice Machines Process Chillers Display Comfort Cooling Heat Pump Technology Split Systems VRV Systems Close Control conditioning and refrigeration equipment to ensure an efficient and cost eectivesolutionservice -Our fully trained "F-Gas" compliant service team is available 24 hours a day 365 days a year to ensure your Business is never unduly aected by plant failure Maintenance -Regular maintenance is vital to ensure efficient plant operation.
The second is 'Air-conditioning systems and energy saving' written by Papakostas (2005) and it makes a brief reference on the ways of energy saving and how the VRV system can be used for this purpose.
It contracted with VRV SpA--where Goi was sales director--to fabricate it in September of that year.
Venom (BCV, NNV, VRV, NKV) treated normal mice showed significant increase in macrophage count after 3 and 10 days treatment.