VRWVerulamium Region White (pottery; archeology)
VRWVictoria Research Web (online database)
VRWVirginia Romance Writers (Richmond, VA)
VRWVindication of the Rights of Woman
VRWVirtual Racing World (online simulated racing league)
VRWVortex Rossby Wave
VRWVelvet Rope Whore (blog)
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VRW are also geometrically finite and abide by a set of rules established by the creator of the world.
This VRW can fulfill residents' desires which cannot be fulfilled in RL.
88%) variance (n=18) Rural Rehabilitation VRW NIL assistant (n=20) (n=35) Urban MRW 05 (46.
The recovery rate from the VRW, 2010 acquisition shall be incorporated in the vehicle.
The recovery rate from the VRW, the year of acquisition in 2010, is transferred to the vehicle.
CV 00-4263 VRW pending in the Northern District of California, filed a Consolidated Class Action Complaint on behalf of shareholders who acquired Quintus Corporation (Nasdaq:QNTS) (Nasdaq:QNTSE) shares between November 15, 1999 and November 15, 2000, ("Class Period"), including those shareholders who acquired their Quintus shares pursuant to the April 2000 merger between Quintus and Mustang.
C98-4292 VRW, on behalf of purchasers of shares in Cylink Corp.